My Services Provided

Individual Therapy

I approach individual counseling from an integrative perspective, which means that I combine a variety of therapeutic techniques. I will use what specifically applies to your unique needs as a client and will work hard to establish a strong therapeutic relationship with you, based on warmth, respect, transparency, and without judgment. Within our relationship, you will feel safe and free to share your thoughts and feelings. I will find the strengths that you bring into the therapy room, and together we will create a plan of action that builds on those strengths to reach your personal short- and long-term goals. My view is that you are the expert on your life and that my primary goal is to see the world from your perspective, understand your struggles the way you experience them, and help you break through the barriers that block you from living life to its fullest.

Couples/Marriage Therapy

Relationships are as challenging as they are rewarding, and conflict is a natural part of human interaction. There is nothing inherently unhealthy about conflict in a relationship, but just like any other behavior, conflict can become unhealthy if not used in moderation. More often than not, conflicts arise from a lack of effective, open communication between the individuals involved, whether they are married or cohabitating partners. When people seek couple or marriage therapy, they have typically found themselves caught in a “loop.” My work is to identify those loops and design escapes. In my therapeutic approach, I treat each partner equally and respectfully, without “taking sides.” I will hear you both, equally, and will work with you both, equally, to understand the patterns have contributed to the difficulties in your relationship. We will find ways to break those patterns and establish new ways of interacting that will ensure that you both feel seen, heard, and understood by your partner.

Family Therapy

More than anything else in our lives, our families shape us. Years after we have “left home,” the roles, rules, expectations, dynamics, and generational values we learned in the families of our childhood continue to influence us and become a part of our adult families. It is a wonderful thing when these roles and rules are facilitative and freeing, but that is too often not the way it works. Each family is a complex system consisting of individual role players (e.g., mother, father, brother, sister) who together create a dynamic, a dance of sorts, that defines the family system. No system is perfect, though, and there is plenty of room for miscommunication, misunderstanding, and disagreement. Family therapy offers a way to untangle the complexities of a family's dynamic interactions and to establish clear lines of effective communication based on acceptance, understanding, and respect for all family members. My primary goal as a therapist is to help you to develop an awareness of the family dynamics and patterns that may be the source of persistent tensions, power struggles, and conflicst. We’ll work together to change those unhelpful patterns and re-build familial bonds that are grounded in kindness, mutual respect, and compassion.

Group Therapy

By nature, human beings are social, and we all need social interaction in order to survive. People need other people because relationships provide us with a sense of identity, belonging, and purpose. Relationships give us hope. It is not unusual for a person to feel alone whenever he or she is faced with an overwhelming challenge, whether it is a loss, difficult life circumstance, traumatic experience, mental health diagnosis, or recovery from an injury. You may have had thoughts like these:  “No one gets me. I feel like I am the only person who feels this way, Am I the only one who thinks this way? Is there something wrong with me?” The truth is that there are others like you, you are not alone, and there is nothing wrong with you. Group therapy is a great way to get the support you need to regain your balance and confidence by connecting with others who can relate to the difficulties you are experiencing. My belief is that a group setting offers a unique opportunity for personal growth that may not be achievable otherwise. My job as a therapist in group therapy is to help you find the answers you are seeking and discover who you are in relation to yourself and others.


Teletherapy is called by many names, including: video counseling, online therapy, online counseling, and telepsychology. Teletherapy offers an innovative way for people to access the counseling services that they want, but might not be able to get otherwise. Teletherapy offers you convenience, a way to protect your privacy, and the flexibility of accessing counseling services from wherever you are at--your home, office, or even when you’re traveling. Teletherapy eliminates burdensome trips to your therapist’s office (especially if you live in one of our outlying communities). With teletherapy you can put aside the trouble and expense of finding childcare services during our sessions. Demand for teletherapy is growing rapidly, and research has shown that teletherapy can be just as effective as face-to-face counseling. If teletherapy is an appropriate modality for you, and you live in Texas, our video chat sessions will be conducted over a secure platform called Doxy.Me. If you have any questions about teletherapy or want to try it, let’s talk. My goal is to provide counseling services of the highest quality in an intentional and considerate way that fits your individual needs, schedule, and lifestyle.


Whether you are a mental or physical health professional, a business owner, or a community member in need of psychological services, I am here to help! I have been generally trained in psychological counseling, but received specialized training in addiction, trauma, and disordered eating. Health care professionals, social service coordinators, and others in the community who need support in working with clients or patients with difficulties in these areas are invited and encouraged to contact me for support. I can work directly with your patients and clients on a referral basis and am also pleased to provide psychoeducational training programs for your staff. A little training can be extremely beneficial in reducing the stress that comes from working in unfamiliar territory and it will improve your patient and client outcomes. I am experienced in developing and presenting workshops or quick lunch-hour presentations on topics including emotional regulation, self-compassion, mindfulness, meditation, and stress management. All initial consultations are free of charge and that may be all you need. If we determine that an extended consultation arrangement would be appropriate, we can work together to determine what that might look like. Please contact me to schedule a meeting. I will listen, assess your needs, work with you to create a plan of action, and deliver a product that meets your needs in a manner that is right for you.

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